Board of Directors


Committee Overview

Executive Committee: Chaired by Board Chairman
This committee oversees the TCH Administration, including Resource Development for people, image, money, and operating capital. The committee also oversees the support function for Personnel Management.
Finance Committee: Chaired by Board Treasurer
These committee members are knowledgeable of financial reports and oversee financial and audit management of TCH and other financial matters.
Real Estate Development Committee: TCH Asset Manager and Executive Director assigned
The committee oversees the property management program, rental housing development, and homeownership development.
Program Services/Homeownership Promotion Committee:
This committee oversees the single-family program services such as rehab, construction, lending and counseling. The committee also oversees program guideline development and sets up benchmarks for progress measurement.
Community Relations Committee:
These committee members oversee outreach, fund raising, and all community and governmental relations policies of TCH.
Government Representatives Committee: Members are elected and appointed officials and employees of Towns and Counties that represent their municipality.
These committee members focus on developing and providing oversight on issues and projects specific to their municipality.  

 Board Member


Cody Allen1st National Bank (Business Rep.)
Bill Jackson La Junta (Government Rep.) 
Elaine McIntire La Junta Trading (Business Rep.)
Gary Gibson Crowley County (Government Rep.) 
Keith Goodwin Otero County (Government Rep.)
Gary ArmitageLa junta (Community Rep.) 
Lawrence Sena Las Animas (Community Rep.) 
Margie Gardner Crowley County (Community Rep.) 
Sandy Lytle Rocky Ford (Community Rep.) 
Simona Gallegos Las Animas (Community Rep.) 
Wayne Snider Fowler (Community Rep.) 
Danelle BergOtero County (Government Rep.)
 Sonny Smith   Bent County (Government Rep.)