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NeighborWorks Week 2015
This year we had 21 volunteers come and participate in our NeighborWorks Week Event. The group painted two homes and put in some landscaping on 4th street in Las Animas. Everyone had a good time working together in celebrate our community. Thank you to our volunteers and those who made donations!
Lawrence Sena, John Sprosty, Gloria Trujillo, Lynn Jones, Carmelita Campos, Janet Corbin, Marilyn Miller, Patrick Wallace, Marvin Schlegel, Jeremy Muth, Bo Karney, Ron Rodriguez, Joey Gonzales, Rita Melendez, Yvonne Arellano, Nick Jaramillo, Vidal Fernandez, Shelley Pfeiff, Cody Allen, Kylean McCallister, and Quenton Sprosty.
TNT (paint supplies) and La Junta Trading (paint).


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