Home Buyer Education

Home Buyer Education Class is a required class for first time homebuyers in our area. This class covers a variety of topics which focused on how to work through the purchase process from application to closing. This includes rebuilding credit, reducing debt, determining affordability, becoming mortgage-ready, and so much more. All materials will be provided at the workshop excluding the spending plan which should be completed prior to class. The workshop is free and will answer most of your home buying questions.

Classes offered both online and in person.
The online course is $95 for the first person and $50.00 per each additional person. A discount code will be sent to the co-borrower(s) once the borrower registers and names the co-borrowers.
Each borrower must take the course individually. 
Once the online class is completed you will need to complete a required follow-up counseling session. The session should take about 30 minutes. When your follow-up session is scheduled a questionaire will be sent to you for completion.
You will recieve your certification(s) for the course when the questionaire is completed and returned.
 You may sign up for classes through the training center here.
For more information please contact us at totalconceptinfo@tchcdc.org or here.