Property Management

The Property Management Department provides clean, safe, well-maintained apartment homes to qualified applicant families.

The apartments are offered:

  • At a reduced rent
  • Through the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, or
  • With rental assistance through USDA Rural Development or HUD.

TCHCDC currently operates 11 complexes, 3 of which Total Concept owns, 5 of which Total Concept  manages for other owners.  A total of 239 units are located in Bent, Otero and Chaffee, Kiowa, and Huerfano Counties.

For more information about the Multi-Family Housing Department contact: Yvonne Arellano at 719-263-5168.




College Overlook Apartments
College Overlook Apartments, located in La Junta was in desperate need of some TLC. Tri-County Housing & CDC purchased it in 2000, with the intension of creating safe, sanitary, affordable housing for the residents of La Junta and surrounding areas. We immediately went to work on the rehabilitation of the entire complex, and by late 2001, it was completed. With the help of USDA Rural Development, we are able to keep the rents affordable through a rent subsidy program.

Sunshine Village Apartments
Sunshine Village Apartments, located in Las Animas were built in 1996 and opened in May of 1997. Due to a down turn in the local ecomony, this complex had experienced vacancies. Through a strong relationship with the Las Animas Housing Authority and the City of Las Animas, we have managed to improve the occupancy rate. Other agencies that assisted us include Colorado Housing and Finance Authority, Colorado Division of Housing and Neighborworks America. Thanks to all of these agencies, Sunshine Village Apartments has made great strides in financial stability.

Riverbend Apartments
Riverbend Apartments were opened in April of 1998. Located in Salida, Colorado, this complex addressed a growing need for affordable housing in this mountainous area. The market prices of houses in this area were growing at an alarming rate and the incomes were not keeping pace. Riverbend Apartments offers safe, sanitary, affordable housing with some of the best views you can imagine.

Mountain View Apartments
This newly constructed complex was completed in July of 2008 and is located at 1702 Lincoln-La Junta, CO. There are 20 units all on ground level and have individual climate control with heat and central air. Each 1 or 2 bedroom apartment has a full kitchen equipped with an electric range & refrigerator, living area, washer & dryer connections. The facility has a community center and on site laundry facilities.

Morning Side Heights
The Morning Side Heights apartments are located at 1516 East 6th in La Junta, CO. There are 50 units with individual climate control. There are 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom units, each equipped with electric range and refrigerator. There is also a laundry facility on-site.
Melonaire Apartments
The Melonaire Apartments are located right off the golf course in Rocky Ford, CO. There are 18 units, each with heat and air-conditioning. The 1, 2, or 3 bedroom units are fully equipped with refrigerator, electric range, dishwasher, and washer & dryer hook-ups. The complex also has a laundry room, community room, and playground.
Sunshine Manor Apartments
Located in Las Animas, this facility is broken into two complexes. Sunshine Manor I has 10 units, and Sunshine Manor II has 18. All units are ground level and are fully equipped with refrigerator and stove.
Farm Labor Housing
This complex actually consists of 10 single family homes. Each unit is either 1, 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms. All homes are located in Las Animas, CO.
High School Projects
These 14 single family homes located in Las Animas, CO are currently being renovated. Each will receive new flooring and paint. The homes are 1, 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms.
Golden Maple Villas
This complex caters to the elderly and disabled. There are 20 units, all one bedroom on the ground floor. Each unit is equipped with stove and fridge. There are amenities specific to the elderly and disabled in each individual unit. The units face into a court yard, there is also a laundry facility on-site as well as a community room.

Asset Management

Asset Management deals with the acquisition, ownership, and administration of properties fitting within the overall mission of the organization. Tri-County Housing & CDC currently owns four properties. The asset manager must be aware of any trends in the market and be able to react accordingly so that the property can continue to meet the long-range goals that have been set. The manager must also oversee the long-rang capital improvement plans for each property.

List of Properties
Sunshine Village Apartments Las Animas, CO
College Overlook Apartments La Junta, CO
Mountain View Apartments La Junta, CO
Melonaire Apartments Rocky Ford, CO

Property Management

Property Management is management of the day-to-day operations of a property. The property manager is responsible for maintaining compliance with all rules and regulations governing each property.

List of Properties
Sunshine Village Apartments Las Animas, CO
College Overlook Apartments La Junta, CO
Riverbend Apartments Salida, CO
Mountain View Apartments La Junta, CO
Melonaire Apartments Rocky Ford, CO
Morning Side Heights  La Junta, CO
Sunshine Manor Apartments Las Animas, CO 
Farm Labor   Las Animas, CO
High School Project  Las Animas, CO 
Golden Maple Villas  La Junta, CO