Single Family Housing

Tri-County's Single Family Housing Department provides:

  • Low interest loans for the repair of distressed properties
  • Increased independence and well-being of disabled, low-income or elderly individuals
  • Construction expertise for families in building a new home or repairing an existing home.
  • Down-Payment/Closing-Cost Assistance for families needing additional funds
  • Education for families on the importance of good credit and budgeting and the homebuying process

List of programs:



Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Program

The Owner Occupied Program is a rehabilitation loan program for applicants that have owned and occupied their residence for more than 1 year. Interest rates range from 1% to 4%, depending upon household income, with the term of the loan dependent on repayment ability. A special program for the elderly exists, as well, with loans at 1% interest, with payments that will fit their budget.

This program is among Tri-County's most successful and rewarding. It is designed to help individuals repair or update the existing structure of their home, with safety and health being a priority.

TCHCDC has completed over 850 rehabilitation and home ownership projects with over $10 million total loans provided.

The Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Program was the original program for Tri-County.


Home Buyer Education Program

Home Ownership Education is given monthly in a group setting. Classes are free and open to the public.

The length of the classes are 4 hrs.

Items covered include:

How to read your credit report
Budgeting for success
How to qualify for a home loan
Tips on working with lenders and realtors
Loan documents and real estate contracts

These classes are required by CHFA, Rural Development, and TCHCDC.

To sign up for one of our free in-person classes please click HERE. 
You can also take the class online here  . 
The online course is $95 for the first person and $50.00 per each additional person. A discount code will be sent to the co-borrower(s) once the borrower registers and names the co-borrowers.
Once the online class is completed you will need to contact Patrick Wallace either by email ( or by phone (719-263-5155) to schedule a required follow-up counseling session. The session should take about 30 minutes. When you call to schedule the follow-up session a questionaire will be sent to you for completion.
You will recieve your certification(s) for the course when the questionaire is completed and returned.  

Financial Fitness Program

A skilled staff person will provide individualized counseling that is tailored to each family’s unique situation and needs. We will provide you the tools and education to help you better understand your credit.

Foreclosure Program

Our trained staff will assist homeowners who may be having problems making their mortgage payments or are already behind. We provide the resources needed to get things back on track through free advice and support . We also assist in working with lenders to get the homeowners current and help them stay that way!

Down-Payment/Closing-Cost Assistance Program

Tri-County offers assistance for 50% of down payment fees up to $3000 and all reasonable closing costs.

Interest rates range from 1% to 4%.

The Down-Payment/Closing-Cost Assistance Program is a benefit to families in need of closing cost funds.

Medicaid Home Modification Program

The Medicaid Home Modification Program includes wheelchair ramps, handicap-accessible features, and other repairs to create a more safe and convenient living environment and accomodate their disability.

Modifications are recommended by Occupational Therapists and approved/processed by Medicaid. Tri-County then coordinates the modification projects, from the bidding all the way through completion.