The History

Tri-County Housing, Inc., was formed in early 1991 under an inter-government agreement between six entities within Bent, Crowley, and Otero Counties, Colorado. The original organization was a department of the Town of Fowler. Tri-County Housing provided administrative and construction consulting services for low-income housing rehabilitation with the goal of improving the safety and sanitary living conditions of those in the area.

In January of 1995, the advisory board elected to re-form as a nonprofit. The evolution of Tri-County has prompted a recent name change to Tri-County Housing and Community Development Corporation (now Total Concept). Total Concept is now governed by a board of 9, comprised of city, town, and county government representative; community residents; and members of the financial/business community.

Total Concept's Board and staff view this organization as a valuable resource for the communities they serve and are committed to providing this assistance.